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Hoarder’s Home & Country Estate Clearances bring lots ‘fresh to the market’

By 05/03/2021No Comments

Auction dates will be announced very shortly for the sale of chattels from a superb local country estate & the clearance of a grade II listed home & barn of a hoarder.

Both are just as exciting for us here at Beech. We accept our place in the auctioneer ladder, with high end salerooms taking the first pick of artwork, the next rung holder taking the higher end furniture and decorative artwork. Leaving us with the slightly lesser condition items, of which in truth, often we and trade prefer ‘untouched & in need of some attention’ to the ‘ready to go’ or ‘over restored’ items. There is nothing wrong with being a bottom feeder in this trade, as many a quality items slip through the net and into our hands. Being full house clearers & auctioneers, there is no cherry picking for us, it is an entire job and we provide a service most vital in estate clearances. The clearance of Tregeare House as third sweep, was a full packing service, 14 van loads in 5 days. A large volume of general items yet peppered with superb treasures.

The hoarders home is a call to a deceased estate clearance. This is an unusual job for us, only in that we haven’t been given any opportunity to assess the property & contents at all! The family have given us no indication of the level of contents. Only that it is a grade II listed 4 bedroom house with barns, the gentleman was a hoarder and the place is rammed. Now, we all know that this may be 50 years of newspapers, food containers, rats nests and slightly disappointing or it may be endless treasure. Our team are brilliant at scavenging through everything and who knows what we may find! We are attending blind on the 15th and must have it cleared by the 17th! This is the reason we haven’t announced an auction date yet, as we simply do not know the volume of work or what volume and variety of lots will be coming to the saleroom.

We may end up with one big auction soon or a few smaller ones over a series of fortnights. Safe to say that they are likely to be April auction lots and buy now lots online. It is unlikely that we will be open to ‘walk-in public’ for a while, purely due to the sheer volume of items preventing social distancing space.  We will keep you updated.

Our March Newsletter is almost ready to roll out…….just awaiting the vital auction dates.

In the meantime, many thanks to all clients for your patience in getting responses re clearances, valuations, probates and admin queries. We are currently inundated with enquiries and trying to get back to as many people as we can, as soon as we can, please bear with us!