Lot 1 – Crouching Lady Garden Statue

Lot 1 – Crouching Lady Garden Statue. originally a water feature, of great form but damaged, found buried in a hedgerow of a manor house.

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This form a of female figure was found in the hedgerow of a manor house. Believed to be of approx Mid20th & of composite construction, this decorative garden statue was situated on a slate bridge over a leat as a water feature.

But is as found – see condition report

Of great facial form, this statue is of composite construction having a steel framework. The form of a figure in a hat has a beautifully detailed face and mossy surface. Crouching over a clam shell dish/reservoir. there was a water intake pipe to the base, coming up throught he body and out via the outstretched arm so water could trickle into the clam dish below.

Its form is best viewed at just above eye level and solely because of this is well worth the restoration required.

Dimensions: Max Height 28″ max width 25″

Condition: There are substantial cracks and damage to the thoratic torso making her relatively fragile and worthily in need of restoration, break aways to the extended forearm, showing the steel framework. Some of the fingers are missing from that hand. Relatively sound when static, but no guarantees can be given that depreciation may not occur during  manual handling/transportation.