C1800-1850 LEAD PUTTI & PIKE WATER FOUNTAIN CENTREPIECE af Super opportunity to purchase a rare piece of country house estate salvage.
a large impressive fountain centrepiece of approximately 3ft high made entirely from lead depicting a boy or putti holding a pike. Reported by the daughter of the deceased, latter a scrap dealer to have been purchased on a round trip in the Tamar Valley in the 1960s which included a visit to Antony House estate. This has to be classed as hearsay not provenance as there is no proof, but the item is of age and quality enough to have come from a country house estate and the damage would make sense that it would have been removed. Water inlet would have been through his left leg with fountain output via the pikes mouth.
Condition: from the knees up it is in remarkably good condition. BUT there is a bend/crease to the foot and upper calf on the right leg, and a breakage has occured in the lower left leg calf where there is evidence of the leg being surrounded by lead water splashes (so being the water inlet it may have been water effect all the way around and no foot may have ever been present??) Therefore this is in need of repair or if worst comes to worst reducing 🙁
Dimensions: approx 3ft high about the size of a 2/3yr old child
No Reserve – Estimate: £300-600

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