Now then, now then, guys and gals, hows ‘bout this then…
Top of the Pops annual with for-ward by yours truly Jimmy Saville.
An original Wobble Board from my good friend Rolf Harris,
with aboriginal scene artwork reverse, can you see it yet?
Another good friend Gary Glitter annual
with ‘hidden in plain sight’ detailed text to make you wince!
Do you want to be in my gang? or do you want to touch me there?

Condition: wobble board has a tear to one corner but still works – see images. – or should I say small rip, as nobody wants to shed a tear for these ‘entertainers’
All else is tainted by association with no sense of humour allowed,
probably the worst trio since Bananarama. Lovely lovely.

Dimensions: standard – although one got 5yrs 9months, one got 16 yrs
and the other passed away saying ‘just the age I like them’.

Reserve:  reservation by the bucket load
Estimate: yeap I estimate that I am going to be in trouble.
PS. Apologies to all offended, when a lot serves a lemon…make lemonade! 🙂

Thankfully Jim never fixed it for me!
But I did sit on Glitters knee in the ITV Telethon…
fortunately his bent did not swing towards chubby ginger girls….hoorah!

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