Buying & Selling

Buying & Selling systems have changed due to Covid-19………..but is still as simple as 1, 2, 3

1. What’s Changed.

For the remainder of 2020 & into 2021, our trading processes will be slightly different from normal, due to covid-19 preventing us from holding our extremely busy & popular traditional auctions.

Available lots are being split into two sections:

1. BASIC-BETTER – 100s of General to Mid Range Items are avaiable to ‘Buy Now’ during our new opening hours of Thursday-Saturday 10am-4pm. These lots are changing daily, so there will be plenty of fresh items to view, from trade & private vendors, as well as lots fresh to the market from house clearances.

2. BETTER-BEST – Mid-Top Range items will be available to Bid On on our own TIMED ONLINE AUCTION on this website. These lots won’t necessarily be expensive,  could just be good examples of their type, unusual/quirky and best offered to the public by auction. These lots have been personally selected by the auctioneer. Lots may be held for a collective specialist/themed auction if it is felt that this will gain better exposure for the lot.

Our online lots will have multi images, description, dimensions & condition reports, but please remember in line with out T&Cs that the onus is on the buyer/buyer’s agent to inspect the lot for suitability to bid on.

To bid you will need to either:

  1. register on our website  to bid online via a phone, tablet or computer. Our registration facility will create an automatic username/email address log in and automated random password, the latter of which you can change via ‘my account’. Each registration has to be approved by our auctioneer, so please complete all fields and enter your existing paddle number if you know it to speed up your acceptance.
  2. If you don;t want to bid online, then you can leave bids with us in the traditional way. If you are an exisiting client you may, quoting your paddle number if you know it, complete a paper bidding slip in the room or email/text/call/pm a bid to us (for the latter please ensure that you get a reply & check if you don’t!) If you are new to us and don’t want to bid online, then contact us to set up an account to leave your bid.

Due to Covid, we will have extended our auction lot viewing times to spread people out and prevent a packed room. You can view on the Thurs-Sat 10am-4pm the week BEFORE and also the week OF the timed auction. We will also open for viewing on the Weds prior to the auction start day 10am-7pm, just like we used to before covid. You may also view the available Buy Now lots at the same time and purchase any of those during these viewings.

(Reserves, Auctioneer’s estimate & bidding increments will be quoted on the online listing as well as a hard copy catalogue.)

Purchases of ALL lots will be subject to our low commision of 15% no vat. Sensible timescales will be given for collection/postal/courier despatch where applicable. Long term storage quotes are available, charged monthly and payable in advance.

For more information, see our T&Cs or Contact Us

or contact a member of our team

2. In The Room

Potential Buyers visiting the saleroom (Outside of lockdown periods), will be able to leisurely view all the lots available at that time, during our Thurs-Sat 10am-4pm opening hours or by appointment in the evening (for those with medical/shielding reasons) DURING ANY LOCKDOWNS WE ARE CLOSED TO ALL VISITORS

If you have bought an item online, our staff in the office will be able to help you checkout and collect your lot/arrange for delivery.

Clients in the room will be required to wear a mask/ face covering. These can be purchsed from us (by our sanitising station) if you have forgotten to bring your own. Please adhere to our social distancing requests. You may have to wait a short while outside if the room is busy.

Some of the saleroom is wide aisled and some sections may be set up as one way. This could change daily depending how full we are. Please be considerate to others in the room.

Buy Now Lots: will be have a lot number and a price, which is subject to the addition of 15% buyers premium when you check out. Many lots will be behind glass. Please see the floor/office staff to purchase or enquire. (purchase slips and pens will be available if it helps you)

You may need to queue to check out if we are busy, please adhere to social distancing. There is a small chance someone already in the queue may be purchasing the lot you are interested in. It is a first come first served basis.

Online Auction Lots: will be clearly marked as so. If there is no lot number on them, then they will not yet have been catalogued. Many lots will be behind glass. Bidding slips and pens wil be available for you to leave your best offer bid with us, or to take away to remind yourself to bid online. You can also create a watchlist when you log in to our timed auction catalogue.

If you find any item without a label on it, it may have just arrived, so please speak to a member of staff who will assist you.

For all purchases, we accept cash, debit & credit cards. Bacs can be accepted but lots cannot be removed until confirmation of receipts of  funds are in place, our online banking access is still not resolved, (!don’t ask!) we would prefer you to use cash/card in the meantime. Online checkout facility will follow once our ability to view the banking online is finally resolved!

All lots are sold as seen, but we do offer a 5 working day guarantee on electrical items, should they not function as they should. For more information see our T&Cs

Our additional selling spaces will also have sanitising stations.

Our new toilet block is nearly ready to use, will have hand wash and sanitising facilities. Please note that there are steps up to the toilet.

Our Golden Gavel refreshments area is not yet re-opening for food, due to space restrictions, but drinks will be available to purchase in disposable cups & we will be relocating our coffee machine into the main sales area, so you can self-serve. We will keep re-viewing the cafe situation as the months progress.

3. Accepting Entries

We are accepting entries of lots Thursdays to Saturdays by appointment slots in the afternoons (as the morning are proving busy!) The slots are to make sure we can give you individual attention, in a socially distanced place away from the saleroom floor. This will keep your items safe and let us prepare & photograph them for sale/auction display as soon as possible.

These slots leave the other staff free to serve buyers and will prevent you having to queue. If you turn up without an appointment, you will be welcome to wait until a slot is free or return. Waiting times may vary.

Clients dropping items off will need to wear face covering/mask. Sanitising stations are available. We will talk you through the new operating system. Please be aware that all lots accepted will be for Buy Now sale. It is the auctioneer’s decision only as to which lots are suitable to go into the online auction, (providing that the vendor is happy with any delays that this may cause.) If vendors are insisting on unsuitable lots to be auctioned, then we reserve the right to turn them away completely.

For furniture entries it is recommended that you either speak to a member of the team or email pictures prior to loading and hauling items to the saleroom, as depending on type/unsuitability, we may turn some items away. Furniture is often falling into the brackets of ‘highly saleable’ or ‘not saleable at all’ with very little middle ground. So please check before, so you don’t waste your time loading or paying someone to bring it in.

All vendor’s must agree to having read and understood our T&Cs

Settlement of vendors accounts, by method and timing will be discussed and agreed with each vendor, as some lots may sell quicker than others, depending on whether Buy Now or Auction lots.

House clearance accounts will normally be settled once all lots are sold and any waste/labour bills are ready for deduction. Invoices in stages can also be arranged. During lockdown, finalising some of the clearances were delayed,  we have changed our operating system accordingly, so we can settle accounts at any point should any future disturbances to trading occur.

All vendors lots are subject to our low 15% commission no vat. Electrical testing fees are charged, cutting off plugs or cables will not save you money. All items must comply with current laws.

Please read through our  Terms & Conditions, which will also guide you as to what items we do not accept for auction or contact a member of staff.

Our new Rag & Bone Recycling Bay offers a lot of disability aids and items not suitable for auction, that we have saved from our house clearances from potentially becoming waste. This is by donations for our local charity Callington Memory Cafe. Some clients have been kindly donating high quality items (please note due to space & waste expense risk reasons we do not accept donations of low end items from privates or trade – by all means speak to us if you are unsure) To see our recycling and waste policies and for more information see our News & our T&Cs.

Aug-Sept 2020 we raised £369 for the Callington Memory Cafe, supporting the local community whilst going a little way to helping save the planet!