House Clearance & Probates

We can take the stress out of clearing your property.

Whether you just want some advice, want only the saleable items picked up, or want an entire clearance done. We can help you.

We are experienced clearers with a firm finger on the pulse as to what is and isn’t saleable. From lifting out a clean piece of furniture to ferreting through barns, buildings and cupboards. We won’t miss anything that could turn into cash in your coffers.

We will come out to appraise local properties for free. Further afield can be done initialy by email/images/telephone if preferred.

All saleables remain your property, the saleroom charges 15% commission no vat on the sold price of lots. (min.£2 per lot)

Labour is charged for the removals & time spent sorting/packing at the property. I can give reasonably accurate estimation of these costs when appraising. We also sort the waste for free once back at the saleroom, to reduce landfill, via local charities, food banks and extensive recycling via our Rag & Bone sorting bay.

Reduced waste means a reduced bill for our clients. We are licensed trade waste carriers and brokers, so you can have confidence that all waste will be sorted and dealt with correctly and considerately for our clients and that little bit for the planet. Even disability aids are returned to the NHS where applicable or offered to the community for free/charity donation, from our premises.

We will surface wipe/sweep/vacuum through to finish or we offer a full cleaning service if required, returning keys to estate agents, solicitors or guardians of the estate. We take photographic evidence of before and after.

We will talk you through the options,
from opening the door,
relieving the stress,
taking away the worry,
saving the sentimentals,
retrieving the valuables,
working efficiently,
reducing the waste,
increasing the recycling,
to leaving the property ready for hand over,
no job too large or too small.

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