A Test Lot – For Clients To Have a Practise Bid On.!

Hammer: £126.00

Here is a test lot to familiarise yourself with our system. Have a go! and don’t worry if it gets to thousands of pounds..it is not a real lot and you don’t have to buy it!
You need to register online to bid, even if you are already a client at Beech. Please allow sufficient time to be approved and check your spam/junk box if no email if recevied.

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This auction is ended


Here is a test lot, for all our clients new to our online bidding system to have a practice bid.  The first time bidding on any new platform can always be daunting, especially if the first lot you try bidding on is one you REALLY want!! There is plenty fo time to bid via leaving your maximum bid and the system will bid for you. You take your chance if you leave your bidding to the last minute.

Our system has been designed so that should you not be able to view the actual auction lots in person, whether for distance or covid-19 restrictions reasons, you will not end up buying a lemon! 😉

Here we have a virtual bowl of fruit, the modern black fruit bowl contains a hand of bananas, 3 red delicious apples and 3 easy peel satsumas.

Condition: All uneaten and undamaged. Skins & peels intact and the bowl contains no lemons 😉

To bid you need to register on this website.   Each registration is by the auctioneer’s approval only. If you are already a client at Beech Auctions, please enter your paddle number, if you know it, don’t worry if you don’t.  Our system will allocate you a user name and password, please check your spam/junk nox if not received or call the office. Once approved, you will receive an email and you may then change your password if you choose, via the log in& my account options

Have a go at bidding. A pop up box will ask you to confirm your bid. A banner will tell you if you are the highest bidder or not. You will also see a box pop up above the lot end date display, letting you know if you are the highest bidder every time you view that lot.  You will get an email if you are outbid, with the option to bid again (either the next bidding step or you may place your maximum amount as an autobid)

We may reset the bidding on this  test lot at any point, if the activity becomes extreme!

Any questions…just ask 🙂

This test lot is for client test & trial purposes only, is not actually being auctioned and images are for trial reference purposes.

You are not actually purchasing this lot!






UsernameBid AmountDate
d******c£126.002020-12-06 09:44:32
s*******d£125.002020-12-05 21:04:26
o*****h£122.002020-12-06 09:32:21
j**n£120.002020-11-24 14:21:51
m********n£117.002020-12-04 13:44:10
m********n£114.002020-12-04 13:43:10
s*************e£111.002020-12-03 13:36:38
c********s£109.002020-12-03 11:39:17
a***n£107.002020-12-03 09:03:15
a***n£105.002020-12-03 09:03:03
j************y£103.002020-12-02 09:44:53
a***n£96.002020-12-02 08:32:34
j***********t£94.002020-12-02 08:11:18
a***n£90.002020-11-30 14:57:26
a***n£88.002020-11-30 14:57:18
j**n£87.002020-11-24 14:20:59
h********h£86.002020-11-22 09:34:23
j**n£85.002020-11-24 14:20:09
h***********s£80.002020-11-23 10:08:02
h***********s£71.002020-11-23 10:07:40
m*********d£69.002020-11-22 09:25:36
h********h£69.002020-11-22 09:33:57
p***r£67.002020-11-21 15:07:22
m*********d£67.002020-11-22 09:24:53
r*****k£65.002020-11-21 14:17:27
s*******d£64.002020-11-21 08:53:03
p**********w£61.002020-11-19 16:36:02
a***n£60.002020-11-19 07:33:47
s*******d£59.002020-11-19 15:46:19
s**********h£56.002020-11-19 13:28:40
h****y£54.002020-11-19 07:33:34
a***n£52.002020-11-19 07:27:05
a***n£49.002020-11-19 07:26:55
h****y£49.002020-11-19 07:33:12
c************s£46.002020-11-18 22:16:18
k**********n£42.002020-11-18 21:02:54
d*************1£40.002020-11-18 20:00:50
f************8£31.002020-11-18 19:42:18
h********f£30.002020-11-18 19:34:41
p*******6£25.002020-11-18 19:31:54
h****y£24.002020-11-18 17:47:52
h****y£21.002020-11-18 17:47:40
p******1£20.002020-11-18 17:38:13
a***n£18.002020-11-08 09:25:33
m********t£14.002020-11-08 09:24:19
a***n£12.002020-11-08 09:20:30
h****y£9.002020-11-07 17:37:45
h****y£8.002020-11-07 06:09:57
m****************2£7.002020-11-01 22:31:48
m****************2£6.002020-11-01 22:31:32
Start auction£5.0030/11/2020 10:00:00