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3rd National Lockdown – Trading Update

By 10/01/2021No Comments

As we enter a third national lockdown, with vaccination progress there is light at the end of the tunnel (lets hope it isn’t the headlights of another train!)  The saleroom is closed as per government guidelines & we hope that you are all keeping safe.
AUCTIONS: After the success of our own online platform auctions, we are starting to catalogue our next online auction & buy now lots. Actual date to be announced very soon!
CLEARANCES: We are still available to do clearances of empty properties and properties that have sale completion due within lockdown. We are not available for general pick ups, clearances & removals, that are not urgent or absolutely necessary. Please remember that we are in lockdown and must adhere to the rules.
SALEROOM: We are often there seeing to our livestock, but that does not mean that we are open. Please adhere to the national lockdown rules, as the number of people trying to visit is a bit ridiculous. All outstanding accounts have been posted out to clients, if you have not received yours, please leave an answerphone message/email/text/social media message us, for duplicates to be sent.
NEWS: We have some fabulous lots to bring to you in both February (general auction with some antiques) and March (antiques & collectables) Some super clearances, from a small cottage with a garden full of granite to the most delightful Georgian manor house.